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The first little funky band from Chicago  features: Ed Palermo, Dave Boruff, Tom Radtke, Steve Rodby, Danny Leake,  singer Bonnie Herman and Les Hooper.



The first band from L.A. Dave Boruff, Brandon Fields, Matt & Greg Bissonette, Nick Brown, Dave,  Tom and Les Hooper,  There are also vocals on this one.



The 2nd L.A. Band

Side 1:   Peter Erskin, Matt  Bissonette, Joel  McNeely,

Brandon‘Fields, Lindsey Blair and Jim Stemple

Side 2:  Eric Marienthal, Dave Koz, Grant Geissman, 

Dave & Tom and Les Hooper.


The original “HOOPLA” band was formed in Chicago.  It was a fun and funky band inspired by Average White Band (Pick Up the Pieces) - the original members were: Dave Boruff & Ed Palermo on saxes, Steve Rodby on Bass, Tommy Radtke on drums , Danny Leake guitar  and Les on Keyboards.

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