Here are some of the songs written over the years  from many different genres:         Looking Back (nostalgia)      Fairy Tales (Poignant)     Basically Speaking *  (jazz vocal recorded by the Singers Unlimited)   *     Haven’t Been the Same Since  *  Roadflower (movie song)   *  Roadflower (movie song - desert)  Song of Freedom  (movie song -Vietnam)   *   Jazz Rap     A toast   (bar song - sad)   *  When We’re Together    *   C’est La Vie Mon Ami        All songs copyright Les Hooper Hooperman Music (BMI)           ( * Vocal: LH )

*Looking Back


(Movie song)

Fairy Tales  

Song of Freedom 

(Movie song)

Basically Speaking from

  The Singers Unlimited CD

A Toast

*Haven’t Been the Same Since

When We’re Together

*Jazz Rap

C’est la vie mon ami